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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Operations Team 

The Breakfast Club 

Are you a Senior Operations Manager do you see this?

  1. Projects not getting planned: Leaders find it challenging to break down projects into manageable deliverables.

  2. Projects get planned but not past week 1 or 2: Initiatives lose momentum early on, hindering progress.

  3. Leaders lack the skill to deliver something new: They feel overwhelmed and unsure when faced with unfamiliar projects.

  4. Leaders not finishing projects: The inability to complete projects hampers productivity and wastes resources.


Do you seeking to transform your team into project-delivering powerhouses?

Do you want to overcome the challenges of project management and achieve outstanding results?


Look no further than The Breakfast Club -  a game-changing solution designed specifically for leaders.

In today's fast-paced business environment, it's crucial to have a team that can deliver projects with precision and efficiency. The Breakfast Club equips your leaders with the essential skills and habits they need to excel in their roles. With just eight one-hour sessions, they will acquire the tools to:

🚀 Set BHAGs (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals): Define clear deliverable outcomes for business projects.

📢 Articulate project goals and actions effectively: Communicate ideas with clarity and precision.

🔑 Prioritize and say no to the wrong work: Focus on high-value tasks and avoid distractions.

🎯 Develop brilliant habits for productivity: Cultivate routines that drive consistent project delivery.

🔍 Stay connected with the goal: Maintain a clear vision and make progress week after week.

🔄 Create new habits that serve the challenge: Adapt and align habits to project requirements.

✅ Successfully complete projects: Finish with precision and achieve desired outcomes.

🎉 Celebrate and share success: Showcase achievements and enhance your team's effectiveness.

What sets The Breakfast Club apart is its practical approach.

Each participant will deliver a real project during the program, yielding tangible and valuable results for your organization. Whether it's launching a new website, revamping company vision and values, crafting a training guide, or enhancing customer experience, your team will make significant progress and deliver on important initiatives.

Led by Michael, an experienced professional in fast-paced agile environments, The Breakfast Club - revolutionizes the way your team approaches projects. Excuses are eliminated, and participants discover their true potential to achieve remarkable outcomes. 

We understand the demands on your team's time, which is why The Breakfast Club seamlessly integrates into their day-to-day operations. The program ensures minimal disruption while maximizing productivity and project delivery.

Real-world success stories speak to the efficacy of The Breakfast Club.


Take Greg, for example, who was


"tasked with establishing a new trading division and developing a website within three months. After joining the program, he surpassed expectations by delivering the entire website by the end of week 7. Greg halved the delivery time, enabling the division to start trading on the new site a remarkable seven weeks ahead of schedule."

Now is the time to unleash the full potential of your team. Empower them to become unstoppable in delivering projects that truly matter.


 Commit to The Breakfast Club and witness the transformation firsth and get started today and unlock a new level of project delivery excellence.

The breakfast club

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